iFit Coach Mobile


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We worked on creating a more focused dashboard with workouts specially curated and designed to get you going quickly.


At your convenience

With the smaller screen size, we designed the mobile experience to be simpler and more focused on the video workouts. We tested the phone in landscape and portrait views to decide what felt more natural to the user when working out for ergonomics.


A calendar to live by

We created the calendar to give you a feed of all your past and upcoming workouts. With a tap, you could view your historical results or the upcoming workout’s details. You could also see the workouts you missed and completed.


Endless pre-built workouts

For this version, the goal was to give the user an overview of all the fitness categories available on iFit Coach, and from there allow them to explore the program options.


Dive into the details

To measure your performance we gave a deep breakdown of the user's heart rate, lap times, pace zones and splits.