iFit Registration


Building a better registration

Updating our user onboarding process to increase the likelihood that our new user's success and an easier adoption of our product.

Getting out of our way

One of my squads at iFit is working on the Growth team. The goal was to increase conversion and at the same time allow the customer to learn more about the service. Our problem was with multiple memberships, some requiring fitness equipment, and others only require a phone. Users were confused which one they should select. Also In prior iterations, stakeholders wanted to show all the features a user could get from the membership. We found this just gave the users more information than they needed and became a stumbling block. 

Our goal was to streamline the onboarding process and make it more simple. We found we gave the users more information than they needed and this became a stumbling block. So we set out to make the whole experience quicker and more in line with our onboarding process in our apps.


Mobile first

With the majority of our traffic coming from mobile devices we wanted to cater to our mobile experience and have the desktop follow. We limited the content on each page, to help our users stay focused on the process at hand.

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